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Recent Research Highlights

Data-driven Subspace Enrichment for Elastic Deformations with Collisions

We propose an efficient data-driven enrichment approach to adaptively enhance the expressivity of subspaces fo … Continue reading

Adding Visual Details Based on Low-Resolution Energy Cascade Ratios for Smoke Simulation

We propose a method for adding visual details to fluid animation while reducing noisy appearances. In grid-bas … Continue reading

Data-Driven Detailed Hair Animation for Game Characters

We propose a data-driven method to realize high quality detailed hair animations in interactive applications l … Continue reading

Out-of-Core Framework for QEM-based Mesh Simplification

In mesh simplification, in-core based methods using Quadric Error Metric (QEM), which apply a sequence of edge … Continue reading

Controlling the Shape and Motion of Plumes in Explosion Simulations

We propose a fluid simulation method with controlling the shape and motion of rising fire and smoke, called pl … Continue reading